SmartLogix Technologies
Cochin, Kerala, India.
Email : [email protected]

About Us

SmartLogix Technologies was conceived in 2006 in a small Home office. A few years later we stand here with a proud achievement of over 2.5K websites under our belt. In 2007 we began focusing exclusively on WordPress. The majority of our work now comprises of WordPress Themes, Plugins and advanced API integrations. In addition to WordPress we work on Desktop Apps for Windows Platform as well as advanced JavaScript Implementations (Widgets, Games etc).
Web-based solutions form the core of our services. Our development team is built of motivated, young experienced professionals. We have a strong track record of innovation. Our solutions have been used by clients of different background and size, from small companies and individuals, to some of the Fortune 500 companies and government organizations.

Our processes and methodology are extremely straight forward, you wont hear any sales pitches, false promises, corporate jargon from us. All our communication will be crystal clear in an easy to understand language without the unwanted processes and complications that most software vendors bring along. This methodology has allowed us to achieve one of the most efficient turn around times and client retention rates which are envied upon in the industry.

We adopt a quality conscious work ethic, tempered with a clear and in-depth understanding of the business environment. To remain competitive and cost-effective, we continuously evaluate new services and technologies to satisfy our customer’s needs.